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  • April 07, 2020

How to Handle Finances Together and Improve Financial Communication in a Relationship


In our society, talking about money is often considered taboo. However, in a relationship as intimate as romantic partnerships, failing to have a discussion about money can be a dealbreaker.

Whether you are going to be married soon, a newlywed couple, or have been in a relationship for years, it’s important to talk to your partner about finances.

Money issues can make or break a relationship. So, how to manage your finances as a couple?

You should both be on the same page about how to handle both windfalls and lean times. Continue reading to explore four of the best reasons every couple needs to talk about money and how to deal with money issues in a relationship.

1. Ensure financial stability

Relationships are challenging enough on their own before finances come into play. That begs the question, how to talk about money with your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse?

In order for two people to build a life together, they need to discuss who will be the main provider for their family, how they will respond to emergency situations and any other details that contribute to financial stability.

Failing to discuss any of these topics will cause further trouble for a couple as ignoring these details and the issues that come along with them may ultimately lead to the couple’s downfall.

It’s easy for people to not want to think about money and hope things all work out, but taking the time to talk about your plans and goals with your partner will help both of you feel more confident and secure in your shared future.

Make sure than both of you are comfortable with your plans.

It can be difficult when one is shouldering the burden of providing or when one partner feels they’re the only ones attempting to save.

On the subject of how to manage finances as a couple, speak to each other to ensure the stability of both your finances and your relationship.

2. Decide how finances are shared

In a couple, two partners agree to share their love and lives with each other.

In this type of relationship, both partners need to discuss basic details like who is responsible for paying for living expenses like rent, food, and insurance, in addition to other important decisions like whether they should apply for same-day instant cash loans to cover the costs of big-ticket items.

How you save, take out loans, or apply for funding are all important things to be discussed between you.

While many couples choose to share their money in some way, these types of decisions need to be discussed by both partners beforehand.

To handle finances together, never assume you are on the same page without talking things through. That also answers the question, “how to talk about money in a relationship”

3. Avoid fights about money

Avoid fights about money

Fighting over money is more often than not the reason that many love relationships disintegrate. So,  how to handle finances together?

Couples that never talk to each other about something as essential as money will find themselves lashing out over misunderstandings, speaking from their own financial insecurities, and arguing because of uncertainties about the future.

Though broaching the topic of finances isn’t always an easy decision to make, it may be the very thing that saves your relationship.

Talk about finances when you are both in a good mood and don’t make accusations.

Remember that it is okay to seek counseling and therapy together, and not at all a sign of a bad relationship. There is no shame in seeking mediation or help so that you can handle these discussions.

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4. Build a better future together

Talking about money makes it easier for couples to be honest with one another.

How should married couples handle finances?

Rather than hide something like extra income or mountains of credit card or debt, couples that have the “finance” talk with each other are able to be transparent about anything and everything related to money.

Whether they go through a financially challenging situation or they are working together to reach certain milestones, being on the same page financially will help to strengthen their relationship.

Honesty and respect are the two foundations of any good relationship, and they are attributes that are naturally developed when talking about money. That’s a crucial piece of advice on how to handle finances together.

It may be difficult and uncomfortable at first, but by taking the time to talk about finances, you and your partner will be able to build a better future together.

On how to handle finances together, don’t be afraid to broach sensitive subjects, but do so with grace and love.

Many couples may be reluctant to talk about money, as they’re afraid that discussing such topics may lead to future arguments. However, this important talk about finances is the best way to protect their relationship and prepare for the future.

Begin with small talks about saving and future goals, and from there you can begin to have larger discussions about long-term saving accounts, loans, mortgages, and other financial issues.

So,  how to handle finances together if it looks hard and entails misunderstanding?

Even if it seems hard at first, doing so will strengthen your relationship and your love. The more secure your financial future, the less you and your partner will have to worry about what comes next. Once you become nuanced on how to handle finances together, you can focus on what matters most now-each other.

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