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  • April 08, 2020

5 Best Marriage Advice [1000+] Experts Recommend for Couples

Marriage relationships can, at times, be hectic. A love relationship that was once a center of consolation and embracement can quickly turn sower causing lots of emotional pains.

These are typical occurrences in our daily lives. According to top marriage experts, there are matters we can address to either prevent or correct any of the ill misfortunes affecting our healthy marriages.

From a research point of consideration, we have compiled the best marriage advice that marriage experts never misses in their list. Among these recipes for a happy marriage, there could be details you already know but always ignore.

Little did you realize that these marriage tips and advice are very instrumental in forming a healthy marriage relationship. In this text, therefore, we are going to make it all simple for you to learn each in detail.

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Top 5 best relationship advice from experts

Even the best way to start solving a problem is to find out its root cause. Marriage wrangles generate from different aspects of our living. They are from what we say and do and also what we see or hear.

Most of us, unfortunately, seek help on these matters when everything is blowing up – no peace in our relationships.

A point to note is that relationship tips and advice are useful both before and after your marriage disputes. When still in good terms with your spouse, you should seek marital advice to help you maintain that.

They may never have to face severe heart-breaking marriage experiences if you do.

Now, below are the relationship expert advice on some of the most critical marital aspects you should focus on if you intend for a peaceful long-lasting marriage relationship.

1. Enhance communication

One of the most integral elements of forming a healthy marriage relationship is communication. How much are you open to communicate with your spouse, and how do you do it?

It is a test many couples fail, hence causing them a lot of hick-ups in their marriages. Experts say it is a platform that opens up avenues for couples to understand each other deeper.

When you talk to me, from your voice, I will read your emotions and thoughts, and that helps me know you better. I will know what makes you angry and which does not, you see?

Communication here is not all about coming home and asking how your partner’s day was, no. It goes beyond that. What we mean here is that you need to discuss fundamental concerns affecting both your personal lives as well as relationship.

Talk of new plans both of you are having to help grow your family, say starting a business or something. You can discuss children’s concerns and personal fears you both have towards each other, among many others.

2. Embrace intimacy

Well, it is not like we are advising you to be lustful, no. What we mean is that as couples, it is your right and more of obligation to get intimate. According to health experts, intimacy raises levels of oxytocin in the brain resulting in lots of health benefits.

It helps regulates blood flow, reduces stress, and generally makes you feel thrilled. Actual sex does all these as well; hence, you won’t be surprised to find out why some people buy for sex dolls.

Imagine if you experience all these with no restrictions, can’t it be extremely high?

With intimacy, all you have to do is, be simple. Hold each other often not only in private but public as well. Hold hands, kiss if you can, dance together, hug, rub shoulders, and give hi-fives. It need not necessarily to be sex.

These moments help a more prominent role in strengthening your marital relationship more than you can imagine.

5 best relationship advice from experts

3. Spend time together

Today’s jobs can be quite demanding at times; however, that should not entirely restrict you from having time with each other. Even if you work daytime and your partner nightshift still, you should at least schedule some time for the both of you.

Experts explain that catching up through physical meetings is essential in strengthening your marriage. They recommend taking days off to arranging coffee dates, night outs, or a walk in the park.

4. Be responsible

A healthy marriage is all about responsibilities. As much as both of you should share marriage responsibilities, each partner has to offer their best contribution. If you have children, then both of you must ensure you play your roles accordingly.

Let your children feel motivated by how you handle responsibilities. Putting each other’s ego aside is the best way to begin.

As per responses by most of the marriage counselors, failure to take marital responsibilities among couples is a significant recipe for marriage disputes. Even without children yet, as a man, you should carry out duties expected of you. 

Offer protection to your wife, ensure she lives the best life you can afford, and not forgetting sexual responsibility. Sex adds in lots of emotional attachment between married couples hence nourishing the bond they already have.

On the other hand, as a woman, you, too, have duties of a woman in a marriage. Men need love and appreciation. Doing all you can to affect these will be a crucial responsibility you may want to take.

5. Learn to put-up

In his top relationship pieces of advice, Dr. Rick Kirschner, a relationship Coach says, trying to change your spouse is a marital mistake. Remember, both of you grew in a different environment.

Meaning, your behaviors, perceptions, among other aspects of life, might not well agree to perse. Well, do not get this wrong.  Of cause, we are not encouraging you to support the bad behaviors of your partner.

At times it could be their temper. It is natural for some people to be short-tempered. However, if you criticize them along that line, it could even develop to something worse. These people might interpret it that they are not enough or suitable for you.

I guess you know how detrimental that can be to your relationship. The doctor, therefore, advises that in such a situation what you can do is try to cope up. Know what to mention or discuss with them.


For any marriage relationship, no one wants to go home heartbroken and full of regrets. The above five tips are vital marital pieces of advice if you can transform your scattered marital life in a union of health and prosperity.

There is ‘sweetness’ most people fail to see in marriage lives. You know why? They avoid and ignore such useful ideas they can use to thrive in their relationships. Do not be one of them.

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