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  • February 19, 2020

Top Most Friendly Zodiac Sign

Top of the most conciliating signs of the Zodiac Sign.Love Astrology allows you to make predictions about the love relationship of a person, his success with the opposite love, his family and c * life.






Love rules the world, it excites everyone. And most often a person, looking into a horoscope, seeks to find out exactly what is waiting for him on the love front. And love astrology allows you to make predictions about the love relationship of a person, his success with the opposite love, about his family and c * life.

12 place Capricorn

Love and Capricorn is a completely separate chapter. It seems that the question itself is not correct, as Capricorn seems so far away from love. The one who expects from a loving insist on his own, not inclined to the sentiments of Capricorn for the stormy manifestations of fear, will suffer a disappointment. This discreet woman is like a crystal of rare purity and beauty. She perfectly plays the role of an impregnable, cold beauty with a face frozen like a mask. In all her behavior, there is a clear desire to keep a distance, a stranger has nothing to expect to establish contact with her quickly. Very slowly, she lets her admirers closer to her, and there are never too many of them. Ambition is inherent in such a girl, her demands on a potential partner are too high. Few who manage to reach the dazzling summit: for this you need to be a real hero. She likes the fans of the breed of winners, but not the loud, uncouth loon. Even if she herself likes to flirt in the bedroom, she demands impeccable manners from others. Ambition is what constitutes the inner spring of Capricorn women. They are ready for any sacrifice for a career.

And they expect the same return from a man who must have the same profession as they. The work so absorbs them that, even when they come home, they cannot deny themselves the pleasure of discussing professional problems. Getting into an unfamiliar environment, they feel ill at ease. It cannot be said that the erotic principle in Capricorn women splashes over the edge, but they clearly know what they want. A man who cannot give them what they want can get a calculation in two accounts: what’s the point of continuing the relationship?

11th place Twins

It is very, very difficult to penetrate into the love secret that the Twins carry. Often, Gemini is a little one partner, and they – of course, without the knowledge of the first – give birth to another.

What a beauty this woman is – cheerful, witty, which doesn’t cost anything to charm anyone with her friendly smile! She communicates with ease and ease, without depriving anyone of her attention. The one who skillfully leads her or will awaken her curiosity is much more likely to succeed than the sycophant who prostrated herself before her. She has a constant need to tear others down – both in word and deed. Stagnation is unbearable for her, she needs to receive new impulses all the time, she cannot resist the momentary temptation.

Someone’s frank glance lit a spark of desire in her – and now she has not a shadow of a doubt: it is impossible to find a better candidate for love. Flirting conceals inexpressible pleasure for her and, as they say, she does not need to beg for a long time. She needs a vis-a-vis with the same reactivity as her own. Encountering an amateur pull, she very quickly loses all interest. For her, love is like fun for a child; she does not recognize restraining beginnings and does not think about the consequences.

Having caught the slightest hint, she is in a hurry to surrender to her fate, experiencing a tremendous surge of strength. If you have a complex internal organization and a difficult character, then you can hardly count on success with a female Gemini.

10 place Aquarius

Independent Aquarius has a huge number of secrets, and all of them are unusual. He has something that simultaneously attracts many to him – his cheerful disposition, openness, but if you dig deeper, it turns out that an innumerable number of oddities hides behind this surface layer.

This woman is as mobile as mercury and simply splashes with inexhaustible joy of being. She is capable and opens all parties including in love. The more original the person and the more exotic the style of his life, the stronger the interest of Aquarius. She wants to try everything for a tooth, but does not tolerate dullness and mediocrity.

The weakness of the Aquarian woman is people who do not fit into the Procrustean bed of public institutions, because in her heart she is a revolutionary. She seeks to turn the tide, embrace the immense, open the eyes of others to the true meaning of events. And since society is not yet ready to take such people seriously, it often fills its bumps. Still, Aquarius will not surrender. She will carry her youthful impulse into her heart throughout her life and find her own style that will meet her restless nature.

Friendship plays an important role in the life of an Aquarius woman. She has many friends, and she does not distinguish between them by social status. We see the same in its relations with partners.

She loves to experiment, including in section, and sometimes it’s important not for her that she is important, but for the fact that she was enriched with new experience. She wants to experience as many aspects of life as possible, and therefore her own life resembles a stormy, full of rapids.

9 place Sagittarius

There are many Sagittarius in the world who dream of real, great love, who, however, are looking for her not at all where they should be.

There is hardly another woman who would profess such free views in relation to the bed as this lady. She easily and naturally goes about the feelings arising in her soul, like flashes, impulses, because she is a modern woman who is not used to indulging in sadness and bravely defying any kind of taboo. Being athletic and completely alien to any kind of cunning, she loves men’s companies, in which she feels better than in the specific atmosphere of typically female conversations.

She is a good, cheerful companion and with equal interest goes to the football match and the economic market. At the same time, she fully retains all the charm of femininity and becomes damn charming when she changes faded jeans to a dress with a low flirty neckline. This wonderful metamorphosis makes an indelible impression on her comrades, who are accustomed to consider her “their boyfriend.” So a Sagittarius woman can quite organically appear in two completely different guises – a “boyfriend” and a girl who is endowed with the rare gift of femininity of a male heart.

Her blood, however, is indestructible for the spirit of adventurousness, so she has a great weakness for men who spit on conventions and lead a free lifestyle. Her ideal is an amateur hero, a brave pirate – a character in a series of films about cloak and sword knights. It is quite possible that in her heart she is thrilled with hope to meet a brave pilot who knows the whole world like her own five fingers and who is always ready for breathtaking stories, of course based on what he himself had to go through.

The breath of the big world has an erpotizing-exciting effect on this type of women; it helps them to transfer to a completely different world, alien to mundane interests. So that the kindergarten comrade of such a woman, amusing herself to put a wedding ring on her finger, despite the fact that a good twenty years have passed since then, we can advise you to leave this dream without any reason: a woman-Sagittarius beckons a spirit of obscurity and distant wanderings, to which she willingly prefers the prospect of a stable and secure life.

8th place Pisces

Fish love the secrets of the world and the world of dreams. Reality, alas, has little to do with our fantasies, and this is especially true of love. Love at a distance, or even platonic love in general, is the secret of this sign.

Someone will be able to lift the veil over the mystery and wake the Sleeping Beauty? Her alluring eyes and charming smile is not so easy to forget. The one who starts flirting with this dreamer is in danger of falling under her spell. Man’s hearts are easy prey for her, even if she doesn’t specifically strive for this. Often she is disturbed by her own fantasies. For example, she is madly in love under a strict dress to wear soothing linen. It is so exciting!

In amorous affairs, this mysterious lady follows a very peculiar tactic. At first she will call, and then let loose an important and inaccessible view. One would like to say that it hides in safe depths as soon as the fishing hook flashes. Fishes willingly go on flirting, provided that the rules of the game are strictly followed. Those who allow themselves a lot, she immediately leaves, even if she happened once to give in to desire, being intoxicated with the scent of a summer night or the atmosphere of a Christmas celebration. Who wants to succeed, in no case should rush.

Sensitive to all women Pisces do not like to let anyone into their soul, their luxurious body, on the contrary, may be familiar to almost half of the city. The fact that Pisces reluctantly say “no” leads to the fact that they sometimes fail to fulfill all the obligations they have undertaken. The consequences of their indiscretions can be serious – losing their jobs, threatening their personal lives. When Pisces is in love, they cannot focus on anything else. Discipline does not apply to the strengths of Pisces.

They need to learn, stepping over themselves, to show firmness, because you can not resist any temptation. Only after many years will Pisces begin to blame themselves for indiscretion. They are hampered by their increased emotionality. The fact that the gentleman treats is not at all a carte blanche for going too far. Many Pisces women show too great generosity in this regard, and they urgently need to learn to limit themselves.

7th place Scorpio

This human type has only one secret heart secret. To see it may not be enough for a lifetime. People born under this sign are extremely complex and simple at the same time. Love for Scorpio is a mystical experience.

She seems cold and restrained, but in reality her soul is simply filled with passion. She is endowed with the gift of special magnetism, and in combination with the waywardness of her nature, this gives an explosive mixture. Scorpio women perfectly master the art of playing the role of mysterious beauties, and her potential victim will not sleep at night, tormented and burned to death. They are not one of those women whom they conquer, they are themselves looking for a lover to their liking.

Like a x-ray beam, their keen gaze shines through the candidate for love and accurately determines what to expect from this particular representative of the strong half of humanity. Meeting with the full success of a Scorpio woman is always an unforgettable event in life, even if acquaintance is limited to one night.

But do not envy the man whom she truly loves. She will not take his eyes off him, will literally guard his every movement until he takes any wrong step – and this is only a matter of time – and then may the Lord have mercy! She will torment and torment him mercilessly, which is quite consistent with her logic: her revenge has a definite goal. Thank God, not all female Scorpios are like the praying mantis female, which with appetite devours its marriage partner after the act of love.

There are wonderful, kind-hearted Scorpion women in the world, they cherish their partner, provided that he is a decent and reliable person. Still, in dealing with a Scorpio woman, some kind of sixth sense tells you that jokes with her are bad, it’s better not to tease the geese. She is a strong woman, a pronounced individualist, carrying in herself a delicate and elusive beginning and looking for an equal pair.

Capricorn woman has a great sense of purpose. Only an exceptional lover can arrange her, because she needs time to reach her condition. From the partner requires patience and subtle flair. Among the applicants for her hand, preference is given to owners of a thick wallet and having a solid position in society.

6 place Scales

Love is luxury, harmony and beauty. For aesthetes who are considered to be between other signs of the zodiacal circle Libra, the secret of love lies in the exquisite perfection of the subject of sighs.

Most female scales are real beauties. And almost all Libra women are able to present themselves from the most advantageous side. They have not only elegant, but also sports bearing. With their presence, they are able to decorate any party, or to shine with a precious pearl in the collection of some rich playboy. Secondary Libra awakens eruptive fantasies, and there is hardly anyone who can resist their spells. They are familiar with the most interesting people, quickly establish contact, and in the highest spheres. It seems that their natural charm and charming smile are able to melt glaciers.

They are the great masters of the love game: as if by chance, during a conversation, some piquant detail of the female toilet will be revealed. However, they cast their nets of seduction on Libra’s network: they need a worthy partner who would satisfy the demands of their lively, flexible mind and share their need to keep up with the latest news. This is their real mania. The nerds have no chance to achieve their disposition, no matter how written by handsome men they are, but we have already said how they are greedy for handsome men. Everything rude pushes them away. They want to experience the pleasure of contemplating a beautiful, proportionally folded body, devoid of vegetation if possible.

What we would like to wish for Libra is that, in search of a partner, they would pay more attention to the criterion of mental balance, thoroughness, because they need a person who knows how to handle them, given their susceptibility to sharp mood swings and their line like eternal indecision. Often, the family unions of women Libra and break up for the reason that they were deceived and once again preferred not to a worthwhile, reliable person, but to a handsome man with a glossy magazine cover.

5 place Leo

The lion is the darling of the science of tender love – love, because he himself is a selfless lover. He wants to learn everything: fleeting love, serious, overturning feeling, a kind of leaving scope in satisfying his desires – and he does not agree to a different role, except for the main one.

A thorough knowledge of the art of seduction, connecting in this fiery woman with the predatory instinct of a wild cat, provides a simply irresistible fusion. These women like to play with fire, because in practice they want to make sure of their lovely appeal. Should such a woman appear in society, invisible currents seem to emanate from her, and all eyes turn to her. Her graceful manners and chest voice help her easily charm the intended victim.

And if she is kindled with someone to be an embarrassment, it does not matter whether it is a theater premier or her new chef, any resistance is useless. Kohl she drove into her charming head that she had to get her way, she would not back down.

An electric principle literally overwhelms her, and her love is necessary for her like air. Since she has a tremendous love, a huge train of conquered hearts stretches behind her. But for all her appearance, the fatal vamp woman in her soul she cherishes the hope that there will be a hero who can subdue her.

True, such a task is far from everyone’s shoulder, because it only costs a little to bend the stick as you wake up a wild beast in it. Her weakness for luxury goods can play a trick on her. A lot of female lions doomed themselves to life in a golden cage.

4 place Cancer

Romance, the mysterious flickering of candles, subtle emotional perception of the world – this is what lives, what is characterized by the dreamy nature of Cancer.

For this woman, who was born in the hottest time of the year, it means a lot of warmth and affection on the part of a man. Although sometimes a volcano may be inside her, she is rather shy and cautious by nature, and this leaves an imprint on the demands she places on love. As for flirting, the situation is different. Even sometimes you wonder how this woman, restrained in her deep essence, can transform so unrecognizably, flirting and seducing the stronger love according to all the rules of ordinary coquetry.

The promising giggling, languidly wounding eyes – all these things, before which no man’s heart can resist, are set off without the slightest hesitation. Certainly, loneliness produces a withering effect on this type of women. They need romance, quiet love confessions on a secluded bench in the park under the moon — that’s its atmosphere, starting from distant school years.

It often happens that a Cancer woman, flirting, becomes a victim of her heightened demands, she is poorly given control over her subtle emotional sphere. She piously treats her inner world, therefore she often takes seks too seriously, gives her a lot of emotional power. To really wake up, she must be seriously in love. It is for this reason that female Cancers rarely give birth to a lover. But completely in her character to miss the opportunity turned up to have a great fun just because she is patiently waiting at home for a call from a person with whom she agreed in advance.

In general, the Cancer woman is distinguished by a somewhat old-fashioned taste for elegance. Any newfangled twists produce a rather repulsive effect on it. She is impressed by the classic style of clothing, because the conservative facade for her is a sign that before her is a predictable person who can be trusted, And loyalty for this type of women is the number one value.

3rd place Taurus

Unlimited sensuality – that is the core of the nature of the people who were born under this sign. Deposition and once again dedication are their motto, although you need to make a reservation that they don’t like to immediately rush off the bat, they prefer to drink the nectar of love without rushing.

No adjectives are enough to describe this amazing woman – the most complete embodiment of femininity! The figure is flawless, in the eyes is a bottomless mystery. And walks like pava! Once you look, you immediately fall under the power of her spell, because this type of woman does not need to be taught how to dress and emphasize her dignity. Even in sports equipment, her figure does not lose the charm of femininity, and the excitement is always present in her, the erotic beginning somehow inexplicably gets on with the ability to give the impression of just a good, reliable comrade.

Her requirements for those who claim to share a love bed with her are very high, because she likes broad-shouldered men with an athletic figure. Refined intellectuals have no chance of success for such women. Indeed, for her, visual perception and tactile sensations are of crucial importance. In full accordance with her nature, and this, as you remember, is natural and open, she willingly shows herself in Eve’s costume, seeing nothing wrong with that, since the beautiful bodies and the man and woman created by the Lord are meant for love.

And do not be frightened by the impressive appearance that is sometimes found in women of this sign: all the same, rest assured, under this deceptive shell, the most ancient fantasies are raging. Kohl women of this type are so arranged, does it make sense to demand from them that from time to time they do not indulge in risky amorous adventures? The life force and charm inherent in them allow them to simultaneously have several lovers at once.

2nd place Aries

More direct and open people are hard to imagine! Behind the ever-present willingness of an unbridled, fiery Aries to attack, in essence, there is only one thing hidden: desire that knows no boundaries. One spark is enough to wake up the instinct of a real hunter.

She can be likened to a burning torch that will rekindle the sorrow in the hearts of all the men who meet on her way. With a confident and independent walk she walks through life. She does not have to challenge the whole world, and she will not look for strong personalities as an ally to win the battle (however, maybe she also needs a strong shoulder, just won’t give a sight for anything!) Supermen need to hurry to win the woman of this fire sign, because, as a rule, she does it herself. When a cavalier who interests her gets in her sight, you can be sure that she will not miss her. Kohl in her pretty head has matured a certain plan, her intentions are read without difficulty.

In such cases, she prefers clothes of red tones, sends the one on which she laid eyes, notes of love content directly to work, and she sets up a date. What’s the big deal? Aries woman acts in the spirit of the time; she will never agree to a secondary role in a love union. She follows her course, knows what she wants, and first of all it refers to her behavior in bed! Men who are not self-confident, have nothing to even hope to achieve success with her. There is no attraction for her in the weaklings: she needs a real man worthy of her.

1 place Virgo

Virgo is not a lover too wiser and complicate your life with all sorts of conventions. If they decide to spend the night with someone, they allow themselves complete freedom of action, guided only by their special instincts and ideas.

“Iron” Virgos, with all their prudence and positivity in matters of intimacy, are great realists. It’s just that these intelligent ladies know too well that a healthy body needs its own, so they love to flirt. Now, when morals have become much freer. Virgo, too, eager to relax. They only need to control themselves in order not to play, so that the ease of behavior does not enter their flesh and blood. The game of temptation is terribly fond of Virgo

They skillfully take the potential cavaliers, attracting their attention with their intelligence, under fire, and extract them “by the eye in the sun”, in other words, do not allow them to sit out and keep silent. It is amazing how quickly they cope with this work of seduction. And then the Virgos do not expect a special invitation: they just wonder how cleverly they part with the clothes as soon as the right occasion turns up.

If another fan offers them to make love in the hayloft or use the kitchen table for this purpose – well, you are always welcome. The farther, the more, having entered the taste, they begin to feel with their whole being how important it is for them not to lose their own way, to take everything from life. With each new love adventure, their appeal and physical skill grows. With this approach, love turns into a kind of sport, but at such an increasing pace lies the source of affinity for them.

The place for making love, where their excitement especially discerns, is their work in the old manner – and this is with the already noted jealous attitude of women of this type to the performance of their duties and their over-limitation. Surrounded by computers and document folders, she defiantly flirts indiscriminately with everyone – with colleagues, with her boss. The status differences “boss-subordinate” she takes into account.

At the same time, she has nothing against making love in her free time: this for Virgo has the advantage that the necessary diversity is brought in and the circle of acquaintances expands. “Everything has its time” – says its life motto, from which we can conclude that in life it adheres to a certain system.

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