As 2019 is coming to an end, we believe, with it, should end all that did not serve you well. Letting go is an art and only if you put your strongest of intent will you be able to let go of it all. Here is what you should do and let go of according to your zodiac sign.


As an Arian it is your tendency to be the best at everything, however, there will be times when you will falter and you must take it in your own stride and let go of the feeling of being number one at all times. You are human and you will have your share of failures. Remember, these failures will lead to real success.


Taureans are very methodical and as an Earth sign, they are very dependable. However, they need to understand that not always they will have answers to all the questions and you will also make wrong decisions now and then. You need to let go of the feeling of always being right. You need to be easy on yourself.


As a Gemini, you have a serious fear of missing out on something and you really have to let go of this fear. You want to be omnipresent but understand you cannot be everywhere all the time so cut yourself some slack and learn to accept that it is okay to miss out on some opportunity or a good moment, there is always the next time.


A Cancerian will always hold onto the last thread when it comes to safeguarding their relationships – as 2019 bids adieu, you really need to let go of all the lost relations in your life and mover forward. You rarely become comfortable with a person but when you do, you give your all, however, learn to accept that not all relationships last and it is okay to let go.


Leo always like to be the center of attraction and have an impeccable capability to impress people around, however, understand that some people will be rubbed the wrong way and it is okay. It is okay to let go of the times when people reject you, you cannot make everyone happy.


Its okay to come short of your own potential sometimes. It is okay to let go of the idea of ‘perfect’ that you have in your head. Nobody is perfect and imperfections give you the best opportunities to grow. So let go of being a perfectionist all the time.


Your happiness does not depend on people so let go of your fear of ‘solitude’. You do not need people to be happy. It’s perfectly okay for you to be alone sometimes and you won’t become any less of a person because of it. As a Libra find out some time for yourself to be alone and just be.


As a water sign, you walk with your heart on your sleeves and most of the times go through a phase where people walk over you and break your trust despite the fact that you are the tough one in choosing right kind of people. Let go of such times when you made wrong choices in terms of people and move forward.


You are an inherently adventurous person and that’s what makes your life worthwhile and exciting. So just learn to let go of everything that you missed out on while you were away. So let go of what you missed out while you were out on your adventure ride – you cannot have the best of both the worlds, after all!.


Capricorns are best known for their calm and composed demeanor and it is rare that they let their emotions get the best of them, however, you need to let go of the control freak in you and let it flow sometimes – it will really help you to build yourself anew.


People make promises an break it all the time, so let go of all the memories when people made promises only to break them – not every person have it in them to stick to their word, so let go.


Pisceans are too emotional and sometimes it gets a tad bit too much, as 2017 bids adieu try to let go of your tendency to overthink and pour out your heart at the drop of a hat. BAlance always works wonders! Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a

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