• August 14, 2020

Our first “I love you” was a failure

Saying “I love you” seems to be a step of the couple. A step that would be between the three-hundredth kiss and the presentation to parents. We do not always plan to jump into the water, but one evening, these three magic words are needed, with perhaps, basically, the desire to receive the same statement in return. As sang Jean-Jacques Goldman in his song  Know that I  : ” There is a question in I love you, who asks and do you love me? “
Of the handling in the I love you? What should we expect from our declaration of love? How do we know if the other loves us in return despite a silence, a laugh, an embarrassment? Your testimonies, then the opinion of Emmanuel Ballet de Coquereaumont,I stop being hurt in my relationship! (Ed Eyrolles).

False departure 
“He told me I love you first and in writing, in exchanges Whats’app A little strong! So I did not say anything, except ‘we erase everything’ and we will start again A false start, we did not do it again, at least not yet. “
Anaïs, 36

Big silence
” We went to sleep, I said that I loved him and he did not answer me so I did not pretend anything, I was expecting an imminent break-up, and finally, two months later later he dropped his “I love you” in turn one evening near a fountain in Florence So romantic! “
Gabrielle, 28

I also love you a lot
” We spoke in Spanish,” Te quiero “, I said, he replied:” Yo también te quiero mucho ‘(I too love you a lot). … I was taking a wall, because he just told me to love me a lot, a bit like we like, he explained to me a week later – probably seeing that I was slightly cold and more so bilingual – that there was no difference with and without ‘mucho’. “
Marie, age 30

” What jacket with my ex We are at the restaurant, and at dessert, taking a surge of love, I say ‘I love you’ taking his hand We had been together for three months. already? ‘, very surprised A moment of awful discomfort I did not know how to react, and stupidly I said:’ Yes, it’s true pardon ‘Between us, there was a real cold, until what a night, about a month later, he says ‘I love you’ in his turn, I said ‘Finally?’ and we laughed. “
Laura, 32

A huge laugh
” Sebastien laughed, but really, the bar of his life, if I can speak like that, we were in the train, we were going to Bordeaux with friends of his that I was going to meet for the first time and that filled me with love, only to go forward both and discover his universe.In short, I followed my instinct, the first ‘I love you’ came out of my mouth, in the hollow of his ear. laughed, a little, a lot, really loud, I was looking out the window, I was ashamed of myself, then he apologized, we never talked about it again. love you, not yet – it’s been seven months of history – but now, when I hear him laugh, I tell myself that it’s his way of loving. “
Fanny, 27

Why ? 
” We were not really on the same wavelength, I said ‘I love you’, he asked me why, I was terribly upset, followed by a discussion about our relationship. eyes, just ‘good times’ so we stopped there, to be back eight months later, more ‘seriously’ It’s been a month since everything started again, I would not venture to say ‘I t’ you We will see what’s going on, but I’m not very comfortable with these three words and I’m watching them.
Thiphaine, 29

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