• August 25, 2019


What are you doing, you silly girl?

You might think he’ll stay forever by your side, but what you’re missing is the fact he may be packing his things and leaving at this very moment.

He is able to walk away from you and everything you represent to him.

He’ll think of you, leaving you will be painful to him, it will keep him awake at night, but he’ll do it. No matter the pain that will come afterward, he’ll do it.

You know why?

Because he’ll understand that he’s the one that loves more in your relationship. There should be an ongoing competition between two people in relationship about who loves more, and you’ve thrown in the towel long time ago. It is not ok to let one person love more through the whole relationship of yours.

He’s gonna leave you because you stopped giving him what he needs. You stopped sharing your love and started feeling a bit too comfortable, didn’t you?

You distanced yourself and you left him empty-handed.

(Were you ever there for real?)

He’ll walk away with a silent goodbye. It could be a kiss on the forehead or a distorted smile that you won’t even notice, after which he’ll exit your life.

He’ll say goodbye to you in his head.

It’s as much as you deserve.

Do you know why?

Because he’s been talking for a while, but nobody was listening. He’s been trying to explain himself but he was obviously knocking at the wrong door. Nobody was home.

He got tired. What do you think he got tired of?

Nobody said it would be easy to date an emotionally damaged man.You knew what you were getting yourself into. You shouldn’t be giving up on him so easily.

Yes, he was there with reserve,

but only at first.

Yes, he was afraid of letting you in,

but only at first.

Yes, the love he felt towards you scared the hell out of him,

but only at first.

And then he decided to cut the crap and let go of the burden of his past. He was ready, but you’ve changed the board.

It’s just that the timing was wrong.

He let go of the fear and the past at the same time when you stopped giving him your love.

You wanting to be at the center of attention for a change was not a problem.

You wanting to be at the center of attention ALWAYS was a problem.

You ignoring him was painful.

There is a limit to the amount of giving without receiving that one can handle.

He’ll walk away. It might seem to you that he’ll stay forever, but please don’t be fooled.

He’s been hurt before. He’s been treated like you treat him now already. That’s what left him emotionally broken. And he doesn’t want to go through it anymore.

He might have packed his suitcase long time ago without you noticing it at all.

Maybe, if you stopped being so self-centered you’d notice.

You’d notice the time has come.

You’d notice he’s ready to love you.

He’s ready to let everything else go and hold onto you.

…but you haven’t noticed.

Because you stopped caring.

You’re going to lose more than you can think of. You’ll be left without your best friend. You’ll be left without the person who just started loving you. You’ll miss so many things if you don’t find the motivation to renew your effort in your relationship.

Walking away will break him.

It’s another downfall for him, but he got used to it.

He’s gonna pick himself up, but who’s going to pick your broken pieces?

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