• October 01, 2020

The S*x P***tion That Will Give You An Unforgettable Org**m, based On Zodiac Sign


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The Lap Dance.

You’re independent and courageous, so it’s no wonder you’ll definitely orgasm in a crazy position like this one. All you have to do is sit your man in a chair, sit on him and wrap your legs around him. If you’re feeling especially courageous, try to lean back to the floor. By doing this, your orgasm is guaranteed one hundred percent.

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The Shoulder Holder.

Hello, G-spot stimulation! So, you don’t like to improvise so much in the bedroom. Not because you are unimaginative, but because you know what you like and you stick to it.

Your partner should lay you on your back and kneel between your legs, if he wants to rock your world like nobody before did. You have to rest your legs on his shoulders. This way you will orgasm for real.

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The Plough.

You are imaginative and energetic, so you can endure and actually really enjoy a bit more of a complicated position. You don’t want to end up doing the same thing in bed and that’s why you crave excitement and new things.

You lie on the bed on your stomach but with your hips and legs over the edge. The guy comes in from behind and takes your legs like he’s pushing a plow. This is the excitement you need and you’ll definitely have a mind-blowing orgasm.


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The Slide.

Since you are emotional and you deeply care about your sexual experience not to just be simply raw, but also deep and passionate, this sex position is perfect for you.

Your partner lies on his back and you lie on top of him with your legs together. This will make you tight and ready to have the fun of your life.

Tie Them Up.

You like to be in charge and take control in the bedroom. So what gets your blood rushing is to tie your partner down and let your imagination run wild. This is what turns you on the most.

You want your partner to be left at your mercy. You can tie him to a chair, the bed, table… The options are infinite and so will your orgasms be.

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The Crouching Dragon.

You can get too analytical, where you can’t wrap your head around whether you’re doing the position right, if your partner is enjoying it, etc. So, to prevent that from happening and to make sure you definitely orgasm, go with a pose that is not too complicated, like this one.

Get on all fours on the bed like doggy style, but be on the edge of the bed, so your partner can stand behind you. It would make a nice change. This position is easy but not common.

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The Rowing Boat.

You want to really feel your partner while having sex. Sex is more than just a physical experience to you. You want to feel your partner’s heartbeats and you want to share deep and serious emotions with him.

That’s why you’ll definitely have an orgasm in this pose. You sit facing each other, with your legs tangled with each other.

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The Padlock.

Your sex drive is all over the place, so when you want to have sex, you do. You’ll do it anywhere, anytime. You’re extremely passionate and you want to examine other places and surfaces to have sex, other than the bedroom and the bed.

That’s why this position is purely perfect for you. It includes tabletops and any high surfaces where you can sit and wait for him to help you make the magic.

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The Sultry Saddle.

You are all about passion and sex. Your ideas often get kinky and you despise the ordinary and simple. So the kinkier the pose is, the more likely it is that you’ll have an unforgettable orgasm. That’s why this pose is perfect for you.

He needs to lie on his back with his knees bent and his legs apart and you have to settle in the middle at the right angle, kind of like sitting on a saddle. The fun part is that you can wiggle to give yourself the pleasure you’ll never forget.

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The Clip.

This is something that should be fun but not too crazy. You like to keep it simple in the bedroom but you’re far from boring. It’s just that you like to experience familiar things, where you are the queen.

That’s why this position is just perfect for you as it will make you orgasm every single time. The guy has to lie on his back and you climb on top of him, leaning back a little. Satisfaction is guaranteed.


The Suspended Scissors.

You like to challenge yourself to see how far you can get. You also like to experiment with different and crazy stuff and that’s why this position is made for you. You won’t be passive because this position requires both you and your partner to be very active.

You have to lie off the edge of your bed on your side, but only with your ankles on the mattress supporting you, with your left arm on the floor. He has to hold you around your waist and step over your left leg, holding your other leg up. This seems like a lot of work, but it will pay off big time.

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The Magic Mountain.

You are very romantic and you like to keep things simple, nothing over the top. That’s why this pose is just what you need. You have to face each other with your legs bent, leaning back on your hands.

Move toward each other slowly until your bodies are connected. Stare into each other’s eyes and surrender to the passion.

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