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  • October 19, 2019

Hang On — Life Is Going To Give You So Much More Than This

Hold On — Life Is Going To Give You So Much More Than This

You’re suffocating; choking as life grips your throat, bumbling through a cloudy well of issues as you implore this is the end. You wish the sea would swallow you, the vapor would quench you, the universe would convey you to the mists. In any case, this – the relationship that left you in tears, the activity that declined to perceive your value, the supplication without an answer in sight – isn’t the end.

Hang tight, in light of the fact that life is going to give you far beyond this.

Life will convey you adore once more. It will wash down your heart; pardoning you of the tears in which you suffocated, safeguarding you from the shards in which you sank. You will find an unadulterated, intimate romance once more; an affection that makes your heart race with satisfaction as you contact their delicate skin and your reality stop as you kiss their delicate lips. You will never again throb from your cracked heart’s resounding torment as they recuperate your most profound injuries; reestablishing your faith in adoration.

Life will envelop you by security once more. It will furnish you with everything that satisfies you; saturating you with expectation, favoring you with plenitude. You will understand that even as you feel yourself sinking; longing for relief with not a single goals to be found, life will do you of the cloudy waters, supporting you until you find your fate. You will never again flounder in self-question as the entryways close; you will find that life will meet you with great enthusiasm once you’ve sunk to your most minimal in the coal black pit.

Life will satisfy your most extravagant fantasies once more. It will delight your heart; touching you as you find its covered marvels. You will comprehend that even as you go to any awesome being who will tune in, wishing out of the battles that expend you, life will cut out a way that will stagger you in its sheer refinement. You will never again cry over the dashed dreams of years past; you will hold onto the present’s wealth as your fantasies unfurl before you.

You feel just as you’re suffocating; sinking into an ocean of unsteadiness as you long for answers. Be that as it may, life is getting ready to pull you to safeguard; to abandon you flooded with a universe of expectation and light. You dread that you will winding further into the heaviness of your battles; sinking further into your pit of self-question, however life is building a way to your fantasies. Hang on through your tears — life is going to give you far beyond the issues presently holding you down


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