• August 14, 2020

Here important query you should do before the wedding


Who marries, needs only a solitary thing: to stay together forever. Relationship pros express: The odds ascend if you set forth two or three request before the “yes” word.

“honey, we have to talk!” Most men can win this set as much as a normally pureed green development smoothie. If you confide in American relationship masters, couples can not start adequately early verbally tapping their relationship verbally – anyway at the latest when the movement before the wedding raised zone is pending.

According to the New York Times, you should ask these 7 request before the “yes-word”:


  1. Do we trust each other that we will consider our vows imperative and that we will stick together – in extraordinary events and in awful?
  2. Do we like and respect the friends of our assistant?
  3. Is it genuine that we are as treasuring together as we wish?
  4. Do we require kids? Given this is valid, who should consider them?
  5. What’s our assessment about religion? If we need kids: In what certainty might we want to educate them?
  6. Do we trust each other that we will consider our guarantees imperative and that we will stick together – in incredible events and in horrendous?
  7. Do we like and respect the colleagues of our accessory?

Extraordinary request, awful request


Hand on heart: We question that there are various people who so ruthlessly break down their potential sidekick before the ring exchange. At the latest with the subject of the things, which aggravate us at the gathering of our assistant, perhaps the incredible old innocuous misrepresentation would be reasonable. Likewise, in case we genuinely ought to be taught in detail that our sweetheart 2002 had horrendous toothache, is moreover an open request.

If the assistant starting at now holes, possibly rather as it has suggested Arthur Aaron: The US specialists starting at now in 1977 a test with 36 request with which we can genuinely gravitate toward to another person. Since we should not neglect that, in case we have solicited each one from the request and found all of the arrangements: The marriage is about worship – and that is unpredictable.


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